Corte @Streifzug.

For all those who are interested in luxury real estate and the best in interior design and lifestyle, STREIFZUG is a wonderful exiting read for enjoyable evenings. Click here






 Corte @Poggenpohl.

A great cooperation with Poggenpohl at Prinzregentenplatz: A big thank you to Mrs. & Mr. Duggan!





 Exhibition "RUST AWAY - Abstract Photo Art made by nature" at the invitation of the Allianz Kunstsammlung.
Finally, nature triumphs over the achievements of man, creating true paintings through the sun's rays. Once rusted by rain and corrosion, the car wrecks are now preserved in the climate of the hot desert and gradually faded; the lacquers jump through the heat, creating new structures and color patterns that no one can influence - except nature itself. 








A new series created in the breathtaking autumn landscape of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps




Both the suites, the spa area as well also parts of the banquet area and the lobby were exclusively equipped by Corte. A big thank you to Bardia Torabi (General Manager)!






“Desire by Roger Weber”

All these images are shaped by the moments of yearning in our fast-paced society, which creates a kind of melancholy and gives the viewer space for imagination. Strong, self-confident women seem almost vulnerable at the moment, they give all or nothing, are devoted and dismissive at the same time.